New Update! Prototype Build v. Now Available

Hello! I’ve updated the demo to address some reported bugs and also there’s lots of improvements and additions!

  • [FIXED] Maxim can no longer shoot if dead.
  • [CHANGED] Shooting upwards will lock you that way until you stop shooting or run out of bullets then let go of the trigger.
  • [ADDED] New Visual Effects for Focus Mode.
  • [FIXED] Transfer loop issues due to deadzone issues with joysticks.
  • [FIXED] Modified the slopes in Sewer 8 to be more smooth for movement.
  • [ADDED] Shotgun Ammo item drops.
  • [ADDED] Mini Tutorial
  • [ADDED] Various sound effects
  • [ADDED] Options Menu
  • [CHANGED] Save system now is locked to slots.

There’s also some tiny improvements to cutscenes that were done as well. :)

As always, please report any and all bugs either here or on my Twitter!

Let me know what y’all think!


EdenGammaGame- 96 MB
Feb 05, 2021

Get Eden Gamma - The Verticle Slice Demo

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